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PostHeaderIcon Truckee / Lake Tahoe Real Estate Market Profile Report – Jan vs Feb 2013 – Prices are on the Rise!

For single family homes SOLD in the Truckee / Lake Tahoe area, total active declined 6% from January to February, and actual sales prices were up, both average prices (+10%) as well as median prices (+24%). For condos/townhomes, total active inventory declined by 4%, average sales prices were down 12%, but median prices were up 8%. Much of the limited, new inventory coming on the market is snatched up quickly as there is a pent-up demand from buyers who have missed out in previous multiple-offer situations. We anticipate this will continue for at least the next couple of months as we don’t expect any substantial increase in inventory until the winter ski season is over and inventory that has been on ski leases possibly comes on the market.

Market Profile Report – Truckee/Lake Tahoe

I hope this information is useful to you in your decision making process for buying or selling a home. Please contact me for more market statistics or market information.

Prices are on the rise with inventory very low!

PostHeaderIcon TAHOE DONNER HOMES FOR SALE – Market Real Estate Report – 2011 verses 2012

In Tahoe Donner, one of the largest resort community in Truckee, CA.  Real Estate Inventory (Homes For Sale – Single Family) has been very low for most of the year and 2013 is starting off in the same direction. Sales are moving in the opposite direction and have increased by 26% from 2011 to 2012. The total number of sales in Tahoe Donner for the year of 2012 was 270 for SF properties. Compare that with 2011 the number was 215 Single Family properties sold. Indicating that the real estate market in Tahoe Donner is definitely picking up.

Lots of Buyers are sitting on the side line ready to buy, the problem has been in all of the Tahoe Sierra MLS is lack of inventory.

Inventory Status in Tahoe Donner:

  • Currently in Tahoe Donner we only have 4 properties for sale in the price range up to $399,000 and based on the number of units sold in this price range they will be gone before the end of the month.
  • Prices from $400,000 – $499,000 we have 3 months of inventory with 15 properties for sale.
  • Prices from $500,000 – $599,000 we only have a little over a month of inventory with 6 properties for sale.
  • Prices from $600,000 – $699,000 the same as above, only a month’s worth of inventory with 3 units.
  • Prices from $700,000 – $799,000 we have 8 units for sale with 4 months of inventory.
  • Prices from $800,000 – $999,000 is where we have the most properties for sale with over 13 homes, this is almost a full years of inventory (houses just aren’t moving in this price range)
  • Prices over $1,000,000 we only have 2 properties for sale

If you’re a Buyer now is the time to make an offer if you see what you like.   If you’re a Seller and want to sell your house quick give me a call!  I live in Tahoe Donner for over 15 years so I know the market.

Give me a call (530) 448-9830 anytime!

Tahoe Donner Inventory Report

PostHeaderIcon TAHOE DONNER MARKET REPORT – Single Family Homes Sold from 2002 – 2012


PostHeaderIcon LAKE TAHOE / TRUCKEE MLS REAL ESTATE MARKET UPDATE – June 2012 verses June 2011

Truckee/Tahoe MLS Real Estate Market Update - June 2012 verses June 2011

Please find above comparisons for specific areas within the TRUCKEE / LAKE TAHOE MLS for January – June 2012 versus the same period in 2011.


PostHeaderIcon Truckee and Lake Tahoe Real Estate Market Comparison between Jan-April 2012 vs. 2011 – Ups and downs!

Tahoe MLS Real Estate Sales Comparison between Jan-April 2012 vs. 2011.

Ups and downs!

Home sales are up as much as 50% in some areas of Truckee/Lake Tahoe but the Median price is down. This could indicate that market is still dropping, but could be leveling out is some markets. Sales Activity is strong, buyers are seeing the opportunity to buy with falling home prices combined with low interest rates. Inventory levels around Truckee and Tahoe Donner are still low, so if you’re thinking about selling this could be a good time to put your house up for sale.

PostHeaderIcon Lake Tahoe / Truckee MLS – REO (Bank Owned Property / Foreclosures) and short sale listings are down compaired to last month

In the last month REO (Bank Owned Property/Foreclosures) and short sale listings are down in both categories.  But if you look at single family homes, inventory is up slightly, whereas condos/townhomes is down.

Single Family:

  • 565 total active/active-contingent listings (up 4% from a total of 542 a month ago)
  • 97 REO/SS = 17% (down 9% from a total of 107 a month ago)
  • 21 REO (down 13% from a total of 24 a month ago)
  • 76 SS, of which 70% have offers working (down 8% from a total of 83 a month ago)

*For a complete list send me an e-mail at

*For a complete list send me an e-mail at




  • 224 total active/active-contingent listings (down 10% from a total of 248 a month ago)
  • 27 REO/SS = 12% (down 10% from a total of 30 a month ago)
  • 3 REO (down 25% from a total of 4 a month ago)
  • 24 SS, of which 54% have offers working (down 8% from a total of 26 last month)


REO and short sale listings are down in both categories; single family inventory is up slightly, whereas condos/townhomes is down.


PostHeaderIcon Real Estate Home Sales in Truckee / Lake Tahoe MLS in Tahoe Donner in our Tahoe MLS from January – July of 2011 compaired with 2010

Lake Tahoe - Truckee - Tahoe Donner Real Estate Sales from 1/1 -7/1 compaired with 2010 to 2111

Tahoe / Truckee Real Estate stats for January-July 2011 as compared to the same period for 2010. For Tahoe Donner, the median prices were either up or stayed the same, for both single family and condos/townhomes. The median price for Serene Lakes was up as well, although number of units sold was down. Almost all other median prices listed were the same or slightly down.



Lake Tahoe and Truckee Real Estate market snapshot on Distressed properties (Foreclosures, REO, Bank Owned, Short Sales) is on the increase.

We have seen since 2009 an increase of 45% to  2010 and maybe over 50% in 2011.  Total of 221 SOLD in 2009, 330 SOLD in 2010 and already 141 Active properties For Sale in the beginning of 2011.  This means a we going to be seeing some great opportunities in the Real Estate market in the Truckee / Lake Tahoe area.

Here is a link to all of the SOLD Distressed Properties (BANK OWNED, REO AND FORECLOSURES)  in the Truckee / Lake Tahoe Area between for the year of 2010 – Total of 317 (219 around Truckee and Lake Tahoe area) properties: Click Here to View Listings  

Greg Poulsen
Dickson Realty, Truckee
Cell: (530) 448-9830
For All Bank Owned / Short Sale Properties in Tahoe: Click Here to View Properties

PostHeaderIcon Tahoe Truckee Real Estate ~ Foreclosures / Bank Owned Property ~ National Graphs and Statistics

Foreclosure Graphs 8_15_10


PostHeaderIcon Lake Tahoe / Truckee Home Sales are Up!


Single Family home sales are up over 50% in the first quarter of 2010 compared to that of the same time last year.  In our Tahoe MLS from January – March 2010 we had a total of 198 SF sales compared to 103 sales in the same period in 2009.  A majority of the sales in 2010 were based on Short Sale and Bank Owned property.

The median price down in 2010 by almost 30% (contributed to the distressed properties) at a value of just over $500,000.  Tahoe home values are what they were in the early 2000s.

Our high-end homes (values over $1,000,000) are still struggling but seem to doing better than last year, up almost 70%.

We are still seeing some great opportunities and will for awhile.  So if you have been considering that vacation property in Tahoe, it is a great time to start looking.  If you have any questions regarding our real estate market or just what more information about the Lake Tahoe area.  Give me a call anytime (530) 448-9830 or go to my new TAHOE BLOG at

Happy House Hunting

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